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Nabi. 19. UST-College of Nursing. .

Another space-consuming being with so much feelings, but sometimes, lack there of. Sapiosexual.

There is always something more than what the eyes can see, what the ears can hear, what your hands can touch, what the heart can feel. And I believe that everything doesn't have to be real.

We are all unique, therefore we are all the same. Prove me wrong.

Thoughts on marriage.

As much as I love watching wedding videos and wedding ceremonies itself, I cannot withdraw from thoughts of hating it at the same time. I personally blame it all on the image of marriage that I grew up with. 

My parents have been separated for as long as I could remember. They dated for 7 years, and were married for 5. And it’s not just my parents. It’s practically everyone and we can see it everywhere. Sometimes couples won’t separate legally and could stay at one house but be completely indifferent of each other. Though I don’t blame my parents for ruining the image of happily ever after, I cannot completely submit to the idea of a possibility of that one love that’ll last.

Personally, Joseph Bonifacio and Rica Peralejo is one of my most favorite couples ever (thus the video of their wedding). I am amazed how much God has touched their hearts and made them so strong that even the darkest pasts, hardships of the present, and the uncertainties of the future could never break them apart. And from that I remember the passage that says “What God has joined, let no man separate”. They are perfect for each other because God made them to be. God was the center of their relationship and because of that, they really are unbreakable. TRIVIA: Their first kiss happened on the day of their wedding.

After the wedding, marriage happens, and I wonder how hard it could get. You could have the grandest and the most expensive wedding anyone could ever wish for. But what happens after the lights have gone out, the people go, and the bride and groom is left? LIFE.

I hope that I would be brave enough to face life if ever the time comes that God would gracefully give me that someone. Instead of praying for the perfect man, I pray that I could be the woman that God would want me to be. And I know I need a lot of help on that because I recognize the fact that I am not the perfect person to be with… yet.  

I know that I am too young to be talking about big things like marriage. But we can never be too prepared. I know He will prove me wrong, and I know that He will write a love story better than I could ever imagine for myself. There is hope that I wouldn’t experience the same fate as my parents, or anyone who has separated, because Someone has a bigger plan for me.