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We are all unique, therefore we are all the same. Prove me wrong.

How I spent Thursday.

Summer class was finally over! This day was such a treat for all of us. Last Thursday was Rena’s 18th birthday and she is a very dear friend of mine. This was the craziest day I ever had with my blockmates! I missed them so much and I am so glad we had the chance to get together again.

The venue was at Imus, almost a 2-hour ride from Manila. Because of that, we had to stay at my other blockmate’s house there. Alyssa and her Tita was very accommodating and kind. They even bought us food and made breakfast for us! We’re very sorry for the mess and all the noise, btw! 

The party was supposed to start by 5 so we we’re ready by 4. The driver arrived by 6, and that gave us a lot of time to have a “mini photoshoot”, thanks to our “official photographer”, Ian. We got there by 6:30 and we thought we’re late but luckily it didn’t start yet. 


We’re all dolled up and we all look fancy (compared to the usual school uniform and bun that we have to wear everyday). image

Hi! I am with an Etude House endorser! 


With the Araneta brothers! Although you had trouble going to the place because you don’t know it and you don’t speak Tagalog, I am so proud of you guys, you made it safe and alive! :)


With the debutant, Rena. Too bad, we’re not able to take a picture with everyone in it because we won’t fit. She is just gorgeous, isn’t she? A beautiful person, inside and out! Happy birthday again, Rena! 


Last photo of the night, I think?

We went back to Alyssa’s house by 11 and we literally didn’t get any sleep. We had to go back to UST by 7AM because of the Community Health Nursing orientation. We left Imus by 5:30 so we we’re just a bunch of zombies on the bus. HAHA! The bus we took had no more seats so we had to stand ‘til Baclaran. EPIC. Good thing it wasn’t my scheduled orientation yet so I went back to the dorm and went straight to bed. The result? I slept for 16 FREAKIN’ HOURS! Yeah, I woke up by 11PM. I couldn’t believe it myself, but maybe that was just how exhausted I am.  

I couldn’t explain how genuinely happy I was that day! Thank you for making me happy, and I look forward to having more moments like this with you guys, and hopefully with our other blockmates. Sa debut ko naman!